Whether your needs are regularly-scheduled trash services or one-time hauling needs, trust the professional and experienced members of Turner’s Garbage Service in Murphy, North Carolina. With the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to all waste management and garbage disposal needs, no matter the weather, volume, or problem at hand.

Weekly Pickup Services

Turner’s Garbage Service’s most comprehensive option is our weekly pickup services, available for any resident of Murphy, North Carolina and surrounding areas. Driving daily routes four to five days per week, lead driver Troy Turner easily serves a vast number of residential homes and commercial businesses. These services occur weekly at a rate of $20 per month. Active duty or retired service members get a 25% discount, bringing the cost to $15 per month. Refer a paying customer to Turner’s Garbage Service to receive a free month as well! The best part? Unlike other services in the area, Turner’s has no bag limit. Big or small, we haul it all!

One-Time Hauling

In addition to weekly services, Turner’s Garbage Service handles one-time hauling needs. Affordable and simple options and customized based on consumer needs, and anything that’ll fit in the service vehicle can be hauled, no questions asked! Hire a team that can handle your needs. Contact our professionals today at (828) 557-5986 for inquiries or to start your weekly service. We look forward to hearing from you and adding you to the Turner’s Garbage Service family. Also, feel free to visit our Facebookand Twitter pages for more frequent and up-to-the-minute updates on services, deals, and news.